Friday, October 28, 2011

Marcos Pizza

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When two people love each other very much, they get married. Part of the marriage process is registry shopping. Part of registry shopping is the pizza stone and premium cutter with promises of using it. Then life takes over and you start getting carry out like you always do after the tremendeous effort in cooking pizza at home. There was always a satisfaction because it was less greassy than anything you could take out and the pride in the ingredients reflected in the amazing taste and willingness to get the kitchen covered in flour. I have found a place that can do pizza like I do.

Mood: Grab it and run.
Service: Speedy
Value: 8
Flavor: A

The Marcos that I went to was ajoined to a smoothie shop on Magnoia and it is just there. It doesn't make a real big production out of being there because all of the workers are just hustling on the inside trying to get all of the pizza out the door. For a thursday night, they were moving pizzas out the door and to the take out crowd (3-4 orders who walked in and the smart people who called ahead just grabbing and going). It does have a dinning room with the requisite shakers of cheese and red pepper but no one at this location was taking advantage. The order was on par with what my party usually orders at a sit down pizza chain and we were pleasently suprised to have it be $10 cheaper than the other pizza shack.

The food...oh was it good. The boneless wings had a really good buffalo sauce on them that was tangy but not "keep you up all night with cayenne and vinegar". The bread sticks were really good and a great indication of the dough that they were using. Silky,not chewey. The pizza was amazing. The meatlovers was loaded down with good sized slices of pepperioni and ham while the sausage looked like it was cut from a link...a whole new world compared to the crumbled sausage at other restaurants. Even with all of the meat, it did not produce the usual amount of grease that comes from other pizza changes version of the same variety. With the great sauce and three cheese to compliment the work on was a meal to rememeber.

Most pizza places go for size and they sacrifice in dough quality which leads to that aching jaw from trying to tear into and chew the pizza. Give this place a shot and give your jaw muscles a break from the usual huge sliced pizzerias and enjoy a rich slice of what tastes like home cooked pizza.

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  1. Great review! I have tried the Marco's on Thomasville/Bannerman road and enjoyed it.