Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reangthai Thai Restaurant

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Mood: Quiet, Romantic
Service: Very attnetnive
Value: 7
Flavor: A

To put the mood into perspective, there are some restaurants where you can barely breathe. Reangthai has a formal layout but does not need the Tux treatment. It is perfect for a quiet, personal evening. Chef Donna even came by our table to see if we liked everything and believe me we did.
The food at Reangthai is fundamentally different from all of the other Asian inspired restaurants in town. It became clear when speaking with the Chef and the servers that everything served was prepared that day. This difference puts it in the Pantheon of other Tallahassee fresh restaurants that people rave about or at least should. The only thing that will put people off is what happened to my party and I am sure countless others. If you enjoy Thai food, you are familiar with the scale of heat that goes from Medium to Thai Hot and everyone has the level to which they are comfortable ordering in Thai restaurants. In every other restaurant that serves Thai food, I will order Hot because I have this need to go to sleep at night and do not have the fabled iron stomach. For this restaurant, I recommend going one level lower than you normally go because you are competing with a force in this culinary attraction called freshness and it makes everything better.
On judging the food, you will pay about $1 more than at any other Thai restaurant and I guarantee you that the money will reflect in the quality of the food. It is not a markup but simply the cost that must be paid to not have canned or bottled sauces and flavors. Don’t misunderstand that there are a few things bottled and used but the difference from other restaurants will have you believe as I do.
This is a recommend to all of the Thai food fans. It is worth a stop for Lunch or Dinner. I am already planning my next trip back for some Fried Squid stir fry. They maintain strict hours for lunch and dinner so check the website to make sure they are open. Check for specials and try something different, you will not be disappointed.

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