Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Poboys Creole Cafe

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When you are born and raised in New Orleans, you set some very high standards. Flavor is everything and seasoning is a must. It is a basic requirement by which I grade all restaurants. Here is the quick and dirty.

Mood: Casual
Service: Passable
Value: Very Good

The Thomasville Rd/Village Square location has courtyard dining and a monster bar. Servers was solid but other patrons were flustered because the "I snapped my fingers and you weren't here" conversation seemed to be the only thing I heard from the other guests.

Value- About a 6, perfect amount but they still charged you for it. Portion was incredible. The Andouille Po-boy platter was amazing as was the Roast Beef and fries. They do sandwiches well. The Red Beans and Rice however were a dreadful miss. It tasted like they had something good but the recipe was changed to fit with the customers. Sad, but we move on.

A real keeper and gem. Ignore the patrons sipping Fuji water and enjoy the ride.

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