Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Little Athens Gyro

Little Athens Gyro on Urbanspoon

It's not saying too much but I was around when the parcel was a Himalayan restaurant. I was bummed when it shut down because Pitaria is not exactly flavorful. When it reopened as Little Athens, I was pumped.

Mood: Grab n' Go, Lunch Rush buster
Service: Amazing
Value: Even more amazing

Being a poor grad student, I could only afford this place about once a month. Now that I am a poor working man, I can't get a parking spot to get into this joint. It has been said that Little Athens is the brain child of the people behind Captain Pete's out on Capital Circle. Shame on me for not going to check it out.

Value is a solid 8 especially for a lunch place. I am always so happy when I get a Gyro Platter from here. So much meat and tzatziki, it is a blast. Interior of the restaurant has a few tables but you should think about getting it to go. In recent memory, the Baklava slices were nothing extraordinary but that might change day to day. In a head to head battle, Little Athens can take Pitaria any day of the week because of the speed of service, quantity of the platter, and taste in the final product.

This is the de facto Gyro hub of the town. Sahara Sahara Greek & Lebanese Cafe on Urbanspoon on Lafayette St should be noted as being the place for everything not Gyro related. Mousaka, Dolmades, Hummus, and everything else wonderfully Greek and Lebanese should be eaten there.

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