Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mardi Gras Snowball

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*Update: The store has moved to 1621 N. Monroe Tallahassee, FL 32303

This is by all accounts another gushing review. This is by all accounts another restaurant that hits my sweet tooth.

Mood: Snoball Stand with indoor seating
Service: Top Notch
Value: 10
Flavor: A+

You can call for my birth certificate on this one because I was born in Metairie, Louisiana and the fact is I know snowballs. Once a month from the time that I was in first grade, I was treated to this New Orleans classic. It may not be original because many sites will argue that they had the first or the best. The elusive snowball claims home to about five major metropolitan areas in the US and differs greatly from a snowcone. The snowcone ice has a consistency of crushed ice while the snoball is tightly packed shavings of ice.

On my visit, it was the owners who were behind the counter and we got to talking. One of the owners resides from the Westbank of New Orleans and grew up on the cold stuff as I did and lamented that there was nothing like that here in Tallahassee, isn’t that how all great ideas are hatched?

They are very generous with the snow, very generous with the syrup which is important because some places back in the 504 would skimp on the syrup and you would have crushed ice about 2/3 of the way into the snoball. This was soaked and was good to the last bite. The syrups used are also handmade which another big thing is because the owners are able to get a really good pop of flavor that most pre-bottled mixes tend to miss on. I was even wowed that they did their own chocolate syrup for the creamy chocolate snoball which is a journey into chocolate bliss if there ever was one.

Try a flavor, try the menu…it’s all good. There are rumblings that some customers are going down the menu in alphabetical order. The tiger blood (side note: These were on the menu LONG before a certain actor had a visceral, public breakdown---been a regular flavor since I was 6 years old) is really popular and really good. They also have specialty flavors like Bahama Mamas and Hurricanes (No alcohol, all the taste) and any fruity flavor and mix that you can make including the legendary Rainbow mix and Nectar flavor.

They are located next to Bella Bella which is rough for parking and pulling back on to Monroe Street, but if you are in the area then it is worth the walk. If you go to Decent Pizza or Bella Bella for lunch..heck dinner…you know what, even if I finished dinner at Mockingbird, Café Cabernet or Masa..I might walk down to 5th Ave to get something cold. Summer time is here and let’s face it, nothing will cool you down quicker than a snoball from Mardi Gras Snoball.

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