Monday, May 23, 2011

Lofty Pursuits

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Mood: Old Time-y Soda Fountain

Service: Top Notch

Value: 9.5

Flavor: A

The caveat on value: The double scoop is the best size for the regular person. The difference between their two smallest sizes will have you scratching your head. That is the economical side talking. The Foodie side…


This is a luxury that one cannot afford to pass on. There is a special kind of magic that goes with coming here. Whether it is the friendly staff in the soda fountain attire or the treasure trove of unique ice cream flavors that are anything but ordinary, feel free to ask questions and try a few samples and then indulge in an experience that is beyond words.

My first experience was after going to the farmers market on a weekend and I went in to look at the games and was surprised at the sight of a Soda Fountain. Lofty Pursuits has been serving up Ice Cream for sometime but I didn’t think anything of it. I got the story from the server who told me about the fresh cream used from Florida Cows that was churned in small batches with these unique flavors. I was hooked on the first sample. That day was just a simple scoop of ice cream and I couldn’t have been more delighted. I went home and looked up what else they had and started browsing the full menu of concoctions. The next visit I was introduced to the Hot Ganache Chocolate Syrup and the Hot Caramel Topping. It was like nothing I had ever. I may not ever cover the whole menu, but I look forward to trying out everything that they have to offer at least once.

For the best value: Buy Big. Large to medium are similar to what you would get from a chain ice cream shop that may or may not have a cold slab of marble stone for mixing (which Lofty Pursuits does have to mix in a plethora of unique toppings including Chipotle Roasted Peanuts).

Do search for the right flavor. There were some flavors that I sampled that I thought “Hmm, that’s not what I am looking for tonight” but it was great nevertheless.

Do listen to the servers. They are trained, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Have a blast but try not to touch the toys with sticky fingers

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