Monday, April 18, 2011

Canopy Road Cafe

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Eating out is always a fun experience. I am fortunate to have a wife who will let me pick off her plate. We did CRC for an early morning breakfast and we were pleased with the results.

Mood: A healthy greasy spoon?
Service: Amazing
Value: 6 (scale of 1-10)
Flavor: A (School scale of A-F)

The menu reads like a delightful diner and a modern cafe. It has old and new in the menu:Crepes, Wraps, Biscuts n' Gravy. It took a while to decide what to get. Servers were quick and amazing with the service. No stacked dishes. This is the only downside to the location on Monroe is the relatively few tables they have. You might have to wait to get a table, but don't let it get to you.

Value: 6; The order was Crepes and a Wrap. My wife could barely eat all of the crepes. They were stuffed and perfectly done. A standing tribute to the quality. In comparison, I made a home fries fort about the size of my wrap. The other plates looked great and full so I recommend going down the fun route and get it all (Canopy Road Special) or a 3 egg omelette if you have an appetite. The wrap is the perfect size for a small eater--don't get me wrong.

Flavor: A; Regardless of the one dish. I see myself WANTING to go back to try it all. The flavor in the dishes we had was superb and that is my number one criteria. Nothing bland, perfectly seasoned, well proportioned, and the variety of choices and mixing of flavors should satisfy a foodie. All of the dishes are crafted, inspired, and really beautiful when you get down to it. So eat up Tallahassee, it's worth the wait.

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